Color statements are trending and the effect on a room can’t be denied. Color gives a room personality, defines mood and completes the space. If the thought of bringing your neutral nirvana to life seems overwhelming or if incorporating color feels a bit scary—don’t worry! Here are three easy ways to give your space the “oomph” you’re looking for.

# 1 – Revamp Your Lamps

The simplest way to lighten up your room (pun intended) is to update your lamps. Out with boring, neutral lamps and in with bold color! An easy way to start is with a miniature table lamp. The Mini Square and Mini Guyabano are 8 tall and come in 10 colors each.

These mini lamps provide just the right amount of light and color and fit comfortably in small spaces—like an end table or a bookshelf—where a larger lamp feels awkward or overwhelming. Mini lamps also work together with other accent pieces to create a collection.

Mini Square Table Lamp and Mini Guyabano Table Lamp

If you’re ready to make a bigger statement, add a floor lamp, like the Giant Fortune Lamp, to illuminate a dark corner. It stands at an eye-catching 72″ tall and comes in five vivid colors including multi color. These lamps are a color statement that invite you into a room.

Elephant Wall Decor in Red

#2 – Wake up Walls with Art

Too many blank walls can make an otherwise well-decorated room feel empty and stale. Or maybe you have some basic photography, but the space still feels “blah”. If this sounds familiar, hanging colorful wall art is exactly what your space needs. Whether you choose a bright clock or décor representing your favorite feline, a single piece of three-dimensional art can raise the whole room to a new level.

Into feng shui? Consider hanging Elephant Wall Décor to compliment your design. An elephant with a raised trunk will shower you with good luck. Not only will your room feel brighter, but it’s a great conversation piece, and maybe you’ll even experience some good fortune.

# 3 – Outdoor Spaces are the Most Popular Places

Between driveway happy hours and patio get togethers, outdoor spaces are having a moment. Right now, a cozy backyard patio or deck is just as important as a welcoming family room. Colorful outdoor furniture can be a budget buster and lush landscaping can be time consuming and expensive.

So, what are some quick and easy ways to add a little personality to the outdoors without breaking the bank?

Light up the night with freestanding lamps like the Outdoor Square Shelf Series. Available in two sizes—48″ tall or 72″ tall—and four colors, you can choose which works best for your favorite outdoor gathering space. Plants and other décor can be placed around outdoor lighting to add even more personality and bask in the glow produced by the lamp.

When interior decorating, we choose wall art to refresh the space, but it’s often overlooked outdoors. If there’s a bare wall outside that’s just begging for some color, don’t be afraid to add a fun accent piece. Butterfly and Dragonfly decor come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors and are a natural fit for the outdoors. Bugs not your thing? Then choose from birds, flowers or other décor that is inspired by nature. The most important thing is to find something that resonates with you.

If you do have a green thumb, your garden may already provide some much-needed color. However, as we transition into the fall season and earth tones take over, you can still add a pop of color by placing a garden stake in your landscaping or potted plants.

We get it. Maybe painting a bright accent wall or buying that colorful couch you’ve been eyeing just seems too permanent. Committing to a color when decorating can be intimidating, but don’t let that hold you back. By following our tips, you can experiment with pops of color and add a whole new look and feel to your favorite space.


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