5 Things to Know About Eangee

The company is named after our three original owners.

Ever wondered where the name Eangee Home Design came from? Father and son team, Clyde and Chris Godfrey, joined forces with Chris’ good friend Shay Elder to create Eangee in the early 2000s. The inspiration for our company name came from the original founders’ surnames. They took the first letter of both surnames—E and G—to create what we now know as Eangee. The founders continued to put their personal touch on our company by incorporating their favorite colors into the logo, with Chris’ favorite being green and Shay’s being orange.

Owners Shay Elder, Clyde and Chris Godfrey

Shay Elder, Clyde & Chris Godfrey

It all began with a trip to the Philippines.

We’re currently headquartered in Lawrence, Kansas, but the concept for Eangee was born a world away in the Philippines. While traveling abroad, Clyde came upon a unique, handcrafted gecko lamp. His son Chris had a terrarium with geckos and frogs at that time, and Clyde thought the lamp would make a perfect gift. Clyde was impressed by the quality of the piece, one-of-a-kind design, and the use of local materials. Known for his entrepreneurial spirit, Clyde recognized there was nothing else like it in the U.S. market at that time. Clyde was definitely on to something because the Gecko Wall Lamp continues to be a top seller today.

We believe in Fair Trade.

One of the core values at Eangee is our commitment to providing fair-trade products. Fair trade is a movement made up of a global network of companies, consumers and producers that believe in improved social and environmental standards. As a fair-trade company, we believe in empowering our artisans by providing living wages, quality housing and continuing education through the development of new trade skills.

Our one-of-a-kind products are handcrafted with sustainable materials.

Mini Guyabano Table Lamps in the workshop

Mini Guyabano Table Lamps in the workshop

Unlike big box stores where items are mass produced, every Eangee piece is handmade by our talented artisans. Because our items are handcrafted, no two pieces are exactly alike. Our artisans use locally-sourced, sustainable materials to bring the pieces to life. Many of our lamps, like the Leaflet Table Lamp, are crafted using leaves harvested by local farmers without harming any trees.

Capiz is a type of oyster found in the Philippines and surrounding areas. The beautiful capiz shell is used in many of our accessories like the Pearl Dragonfly. Read more about these materials in our blog celebrating Fair Trade Month.

We are a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

Doing our part to protect the planet is very important to us. In 2006, we jumped at the opportunity to become a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. The council is made up of designers, retailers and manufacturers in the home furnishings industry who have made a commitment to adopting eco-friendly, sustainable practices and educating companies on how to reduce their environmental footprints. Read more about the council’s mission here.

To get the full scoop on Eangee Home Design, visit our About Us page.


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