Five Easy Ways to Support Fair Trade

Fair trade goods
June 8, 2023
By: Eangee Home Design

Shopping fair trade gives you the power to make a difference in the world every day. Making some small changes to your shopping habits and daily routines can add up to big changes in the world.

The simplest way to shop fair trade is to look for the label on the product. There are various certifications and membership organizations that you’ll come across, like the Sustainable Furnishings Council. To learn more about the different organizations and most popular certifications, head over to Fair World Project.

Ready to live the fair-trade lifestyle? Get started with one of our simple tips below.

But First, Coffee (or Tea)

If you’re like most people, and a cup of joe is an essential part of your morning routine, consider making the switch to a fair-trade blend. According to the Fairtrade Foundation, approximately 125 million people depend on coffee for their livelihoods. By brewing a fair-trade blend, every morning you’ll be supporting farmers and helping provide for their families. To get started, check out this list from Fair Trade Certified showing you where to find fair-trade coffee in-store and online.

If coffee isn’t your thing, you can still help. Look for the fair-trade seal on other food and beverage products such as tea, chocolate, certain fruits and veggies, spices, and even wine!

Choose Ethically Made Home Décor

Your home should be your escape—a place where you can relax and unwind, a place you can feel good about. What better way to add good energy to your home than to fill it with ethically made pieces? Whether it’s fair-trade lighting, handcrafted decor or repurposed furniture, each fair-trade piece makes a statement that you believe in equality and support companies that feel the same.

Revamp Your Beauty Routine

During the last decade or two, the beauty industry has begun to prioritize cruelty-free and vegan products in order to protect our animal friends. Unfortunately, the commitment to the fair-trade movement has come a little slower, but a lot of companies are making some long overdue changes.

Many people don’t realize that some cosmetic ingredients are produced in terrible working conditions and may even involve child labor. Choosing a fair-trade product shows that you support ethical practices, safe working conditions and fair wages. Some of the most popular fair-trade beauty items include shea butter, coconut oil and sugar for body scrubs, but now you can even find things like eye shadow from Aether Beauty, which uses 20 ethically sourced ingredients.

Shop Fair-Trade Fashion

Your clothing and accessories are a reflection of who you are, so if you believe in the principles of fair trade, it’s time to give your wardrobe an update! Much like the beauty industry, the fashion industry has a history of unethical practices. In addition to supporting fair wages and proper working conditions, another benefit of shopping fair trade is that you’ll be purchasing a handcrafted, high-quality piece. A fair-trade top is going to last much longer than that cheap T-shirt you will be replacing after a few washes. Hanging onto clothing longer means you’re cutting down waste, which ultimately helps the environment (and your wallet).

Give the Gift of Fair Trade

One of the easiest ways to support fair trade is to spread the word! Some people may have heard of it but aren’t exactly sure what fair trade means or why it’s so important. A great way to get the conversation started is to give fair-trade gifts to family and friends. Gifting a fair-trade item means you’re giving your loved one a handmade, quality item.

What are the ways you support fair trade in your daily life? Share with us in the comments below.

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