Seven Simple Home Décor Tips

Living room
May 28, 2023
By: Eangee Home Design

Let’s be honest. Sometimes being a homeowner isn’t all that fun (paying for a new AC unit, anyone?). Something that should be enjoyable though is decorating your home. It’s your opportunity to create a space you’ve always dreamed of, a space that screams YOU! It’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you’re starting from scratch, but don’t overthink it. Choose colors, objects and lighting that speak to you and cultivate the ambiance you’re going for. To put it simply—if it doesn’t bring you joy, don’t buy it (thanks, Marie Kondo).

Need a starting point? Read below for some of our favorite tips to add character to your home without breaking the bank.

Layer Your Lighting

Add depth to a room by blending different types of lighting, which is also known as layering. For the most depth, incorporate a mix of ambient, accent and task lighting. Ambient, which is also referred to as general lighting, is the main illumination source in a room. It could be the hanging drums in your dining room or your living room’s giant floor lamp. The purpose of accent lighting is to brighten a specific subject or area. Track lighting, table lamps and wall sconces all fall into this category. Finally, there is task lighting, which is exactly what it sounds. This type of illumination brightens an area where a specific task is being performed—like a desk lamp. Want to know more? Check out our recent blog post.

sailboatsHang Wall Art at Eye Level

You may not realize how important the position of your wall art is until it’s done incorrectly. Art hung too high or too low looks awkward and can take away from the rest of the room. When you’re hanging your new Sailboat wall art (or whatever art floats your boat… get it?) a good rule of thumb is to place the piece approximately 57″ off the ground.

Use the “Rule of Three”

When it comes to decorative objects, research shows that an odd number of pieces is the most eye-catching. Odd numbers like 5, 7 and 9 all work well, but 3 seems to be the most appealing. Something else to keep in mind when styling—choose objects with different heights to create balance.

Incorporate Color Through Artwork and Accessories

We all know that color trends change every few years. Maybe you fully committed to Millennial Pink and now you’re having second thoughts. To avoid color palette regret, infuse color through artwork and decorative accessories. This allows you to switch up your color palette without the expense (and hassle!) of completely redecorating.

Hang Your Pendant Lamps Properly

Much like wall art that’s been placed too high or low, a pendant lamp that’s hung improperly can become the room’s focal point, but not in a good way. Lamps like the Cylinder Pendant should hang around 3′ above your island, dining room table or other surface.

Choose the Right Bulb

light bulbs

We get it. Bulbs may not be the most exhilarating part of your decorating process, but don’t underestimate them! Light bulbs are little powerhouses that have a huge impact on a room’s ambiance. They are the difference between a cozy, relaxing bedroom and a brightly lit home gym. If you’ve been using the same bulbs throughout your home, it’s time to head over to our blog post to learn more. You may see your home in a whole new light.

Collect Unique Pieces

Whether it’s a fair-trade item, a secondhand piece of art or a decorative object you picked up during your travels, your home should be unique and tell the story of YOU. It’s tempting to shop at big box stores or to buy whatever is trending, but trust us—taking the time to choose unique pieces and creating a one-of-a-kind home is so worth it!

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