Summery Dining Area

Ah, summer. The smell of sunblock, splashing in the pool, cookouts, perfect sunsets–no matter what age you are, there’s no denying that summer is a special time. That carefree, summer feeling doesn’t have to go away the moment you head home from vacation or the pool. Bring those same vibes to your space with just a few simple changes to your décor!

Outdoor butterfly table lampPrep Your Patio (or Deck)

When we think of summer, we think of time spent outdoors. So, your first order of business is to get your deck, patio or other outdoor space ready for the warmer months. With the right touches, even the tiniest apartment balcony can be transformed into an outdoor oasis. Craft a comfortable, homey environment by adding throw pillows, buying an outdoor rug, and incorporating some (often overlooked) outdoor lighting. Your underused patio will be your new favorite lounge spot in no time.

‘Tis the Season for Fresh Flowers

One of the quickest ways to inject color into your home this summer is to decorate with fresh flowers. There’s just something about flowers that instantly freshens up a room. Pick blooms from your garden or grab a bouquet at your local farmers market. Choose cheery hues like vibrant pinks, yellows and oranges for that ultimate summer feel. If you’re looking to add an element of greenery but want something a bit more permanent, try planting a succulent garden, growing herbs indoors or hanging an air-purifying plant. Greenery and other natural elements add texture, which is always a plus in home décor. Adding texture creates visual interest and is key to making a space look “finished”.

Update Family Photos

Sure, the annual holiday photo and the always-lovely school pictures should have a place on your mantel but think about switching around your usual lineup during the summer months. Showcase past adventures and relive your favorite summer memories by updating to seasonally appropriate family photos. What summer vacation will you be reliving? Let us know in the comments below!

Crab and fish accessoriesDo an Accessories Refresh

Have you ever moved a piece of furniture to a different corner of the room and that one small change completely altered the space? That same thing can happen by switching out a few accessories. Welcome summer indoors by choosing accessories in bright, vibrant hues like those in our Sea Life collection.

See Things in a New Light

This next tip may not be as obvious to your guests, but your utilities bill will certainly notice! If you haven’t already, make the switch to LED bulbs like our Medium Base and Candelabra varieties. LED bulbs produce less energy, which not only keeps your costs down but keeps your home cooler as well. If you’re switching up the bulbs in your home, be sure to check out our blog first. Trust us—there’s more to a light bulb than you think. Enjoy soaking up the sunshine on your newly revamped deck or patio! And when we inevitably need to say goodbye to another summer, just remember it’s not goodbye, it’s “sea” you soon.


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