Leaf Lamps Add a Touch of Nature to Every Space

Crafting leaf lamps
June 7, 2023
By: Eangee Home Design

Want to shine a light on the beauty of nature while illuminating the spaces that surround you? With leaf lamps, you can brighten any area of your home or patio while showcasing eye-catching natural patterns of foliage.

Banyan Table LampTalented artisans and family-run producers handcraft every leaf lamp available from Eangee Home Design using sustainable and natural materials. An eco-friendly choice, leaf lamps are crafted from real leaves from living trees and abaca twine. Each lamp becomes a lasting work of beautiful art through a six-step crafting process using fair-trade practices.

Step One: Harvesting the Leaves

Remember childhood days of collecting leaves? We start in a similar fashion, carefully collecting five types of striking leaves – cocoa, banyan, alibangbang (butterfly), guyabano and jackfruit – from living trees. By harvesting the leaves from the trees or on the ground, we avoid cutting down trees so the natural ecosystem remains.

Step Two: Prepping the Leaves

You might have seen fossilized leaves. But did you know you can clean leaves using a leaf fossilization process? It’s true! We first boil the leaves to loosen organic material, followed by cleaning and scraping the leaves by hand. We then dry the leaves in preparation for the next step.

Step Three: Dying the Leaves

To give the leaves the vibrant colors that make the lamps artistic showpieces, we then dip the dried leaves by hand into specially mixed non-toxic dyes. Then, the dyed leaves are hung to dry in the sun for several days.

Inlaying leavesStep Four: Inlaying Leaves

The art of making each lamp continues as our artisans carefully inlay leaves by hand onto the backing to create the lampshade. Using a non-toxic, water-based adhesive, artisans can overlap leaves or shape them like a mosaic to create unique patterns as seen in the Giant Multi Wave Floor Lamp.

Step Five: Crafting Lamp Frames

The creative process continues as our artisans craft frames from long metal rods. After cutting each rod to size, artisans bend the rods by hand to form the lamp structure. The individual rods are then welded together and powder-coated for durability.

Attaching leaf panelsStep Six: Attaching Leaf Panels to Frames

The final handmade touch: Our artisans then hand-stitch each leaf panel to the durable metal framework using sturdy abaca twine.

The finished lamp is a stunning, colorful piece of art that can light up any space indoors or outdoors. Depending on your needs and décor, we provide artisan-made pendants, sconces, nightlights, and floor and table lamps in a variety of single and multi-color shades. You’ll appreciate each lamp’s durability as you’ll love the eco-friendly, fair trade, handmade work of artistic lighting for many years.

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