Accessories are like the cherry on top of a delicious sundae. They are that personal touch, that final step, in making a house a home. When you’re ready to top off your sundae, consider Eangee Home Design’s large selection of metal accessories, each handcrafted by our talented artisans. Unlike mass-produced, factory-made items, our artisans take pride in their art ensuring each piece is both high quality and unique. These eco-friendly, fair-trade accessories come to life through a four-step process.

Soldering the metalStep One: Metal Template

To kick things off, the pieces are hand soldered together. This process creates the basic shape of the art.



Shell inlayStep Two: Shell Inlay

Once the framework is created, a powder coating is added to the back of all metal accessories. The coating used is more durable and long-lasting than a painted finish. Bonus—the coating is also a more environmentally friendly option than paint because the powder coating doesn’t produce damaging solvents or air pollutants.

Next, thin strips of Capiz oyster shell, a popular natural resource in the Philippines, are adhered to the metal backing. The pieces are then hand painted by our artisans making each accessory uniquely yours.

Applying the detailsStep Three: The Details

Now it’s time to add some pizzaz! In this stage, raised metal, adornments and other colorful details are added to the art. Raised metal is incorporated into pieces like the Butterfly Wall Décor with Leaves. Adornments can be glitter or beads like those seen in the center of the Flower Wall Décor.

Applying protective sealantStep Four: Protective Sealant

Finally, all metal accessories are sealed with a protective finish. Not only does this finish add durability, but it also makes our metal art safe for outdoor use.

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