Conscious Ways to Celebrate Fair Trade Month

May 31, 2023
By: Eangee Home Design

Happy Fair Trade Month! Every October we shine a light on this global movement that advocates for improved social and environmental standards. At Eangee Home Design, we believe the best way to celebrate is to spread the word and to educate others on what fair trade is all about. If you can enlighten even one friend, family member or coworker about the importance of this movement, you’ve done your part! Keep reading for some fun and creative ways to celebrate with your loved ones.

Fair-trade muffinsPlan a Get-Together with Friends

Take time out of your hectic schedule to plan a get-together with friends and family this month. Meet friends for a coffee (or tea) date at a coffee shop with fair-trade brews. Or host a happy hour with fair-trade wine (yes, that’s a thing!). Serve fair-trade snacks like chocolate, fruits and veggies, and nuts. Just remember to look for the certification label. If you’re channeling your inner Martha Stewart, try out these banana and cinnamon muffins or brownies—both made with fair-trade ingredients.

Sense Ecuador bouquet

Brighten a Loved One’s Day with a Fair-Trade Bouquet

Who doesn’t love flowers? Flower arrangements are beautiful, but unfortunately many of the blooms have a dark past. Most flowers in the U.S. are imported from Ecuador and Columbia. Unfortunately, many of these farms have precarious working conditions. Per the International Labor Rights Forum, 20% of Ecuadorian flower workers are children and an estimated 55% of female employees have been victims of some form of sexual assault. In Columbia, workers are paid poverty-level wages—an average of $7 dollars per day. In addition, many of these farms use pesticides, which are harmful to both workers and the environment.

Next time you want to pick up a fresh bouquet, opt to use places like Whole Foods (look for the Whole Trade® label) or purchase online from companies like Sense Ecuador.

Encourage Local Sports Teams to Use Fair-Trade Equipment

Many people already know about products like coffee, but you may be surprised to learn that even some sports equipment can be fair trade. Balls for soccer, volleyball, rugby, and handball can all be fair-trade certified. According to Fair Trade International, many factories that produce sports balls expose their employees to hazardous and unethical conditions. Workers are paid a meager income and are often required to work 12-hour shifts 6-7 days a week. Some of these factories even participate in child labor. So, whether it’s your kiddo’s soccer team or intramural volleyball with friends, encourage the coaches and league organizers to switch to fair-trade equipment when possible.

Pendulum Orb Table LampTreat Yourself! Purchase a Fair-Trade Item

You’ve hosted your friends, you’ve given them delicious brownies, but now it’s time to treat yourself! Buy that necklace you’ve been eyeing, stock up on your favorite coffee or take the plunge and buy that home décor that’s been sitting in your online cart. (Need a suggestion? The Pendulum Orb Table Lamp is our current favorite.) No need to feel guilty about dropping some money on yourself. Not only is your purchase supporting the movement, but every time someone compliments your apparel or home décor, you can take that opportunity to inform them about fair trade. It’s a no-brainer if you ask us.

Share on Your Socials

We all know the power of social media, so what better way to spread the word than sharing on your socials? Share this blog post, do an Instagram Live from your fair-trade happy hour, show off your beautiful flower bouquet or snap a photo at your fair-trade coffee date with friends. Use #FairTradeMonth and be sure to tag @eangeehomedesign if you’re using one of our tips. We’d love to see how you’re celebrating!

Small changes can make a big impact, so this October commit to one of the ideas above. Maybe you’ll have so much fun you’ll decide to celebrate year-round.

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