Homemade for the Holidays

Homemade for the Holidays
June 7, 2023
By: Eangee Home Design

The holidays are always merry and bright, but I think we can all admit that this time of year can also be a little stressful. Add in supply chain issues, and this holiday season is no exception. Instead of fighting the crowds or stressing over your delayed package’s tracking number, think about taking a different approach to holiday shopping this season—homemade gifts.

Gifts are always thoughtful, but a handmade present hits a little different. Any gift shows you’ve taken the time to think about the recipient’s personality and interests, but a gift you create has an extra feel-good factor. Like all Eangee Home Design products, which are handcrafted by our artisans, homemade presents are unique. No two pieces are the same. Handcrafted items are also a greener choice. By creating your own gifts, you are using less energy than a large assembly line and avoiding long shipments from overseas.

For any skeptics out there, DIY gifts have come a long way since that “present” you glued together for your dad when you were five. Thanks to talented DIYers across the globe, you can find tutorials online for just about anything. Whether you’re a beginner or a DIY connoisseur, shopping for your little brother or your grandma, there’s something for you. Keep reading for some of our favorite homemade gift ideas.

Sugar Cookie Body Scrub

Sugar cookie body scrub

If you’re intimidated by the thought of handmaking something, this scrub is a perfect starter project for a DIY newbie. Courtesy of The Baking Fairy, this tutorial details how to make a festive sugar cookie body scrub as well as snickerdoodle and candy cane varieties. Or use the sugar and oil mixture as your base, then customize the ingredients to create the scent you’re looking for.

Chunky Stripe Beanie

chunky stripe beanie

For everyone who took up knitting during the pandemic, now is your time to shine! Instead of a Weasley sweater (reference for all you Harry Potter fans out there), gift a beanie to each member of the family. This tutorial from Gina Michele suggests black and white yarn, but you can switch up the colors and personalize for each recipient.

Pet ID TagPet ID Tags

Martha Stewart brings us a gift for the friend or family member who is a little extra about their pet. With only four materials, this tutorial is beginner friendly. It’s also a great option if you’re trying to avoid a project with a lot of messy ingredients.

DIY Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Hot chocolate sticks

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? Tasty brings us hot chocolate on a stick four ways—original with marshmallows, peppermint, salted caramel, and snickerdoodle. Are you drooling yet? Once the hot chocolate cubes are set, place them in a plastic bag and decorate with festive ribbon. Bonus points if you use fair-trade chocolate!

Comic Book CoastersComic book coasters

Another beginner-friendly item, this tutorial uses old comic books, but you can also reuse images from a magazine or pages from your favorite book. Just be sure to avoid anything from an inkjet printer (the ink will run).

Handmade gifts are a meaningful and memorable choice. The individual attention given to each piece is what makes it so special. However, we understand the DIY route may not be for everyone. So, if you’re seriously doubting your crafting skills and online shopping is more your speed, that’s okay. Shop as early as you can and be sure to have a few backup gift ideas just in case. And whenever possible, remember to give the gift of fair trade and check out gift ideas from years past. Whether you’re shopping or crafting this year, Eangee Home Design wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season.

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