Resolutions For A Sustainable New Year

Resolutions for a Sustainable New Year

It’s that time of year again! Gyms are overcrowded, Dry January is in full effect and your social media feed is flooded with “new year, new me” posts. Ah yes, it must be the new year.

All jokes aside, the new year really is the perfect time to reflect, set goals and start fresh. But instead of committing to losing ten pounds for the tenth year in a row, consider trying something a little different.


These past two years have been a tumultuous time for all of us including the environment. So, in 2022 why not try to better yourself while also showing a little love to Mother Earth?

Ready to get started? Read below for some of our favorite, eco-conscious New Year’s resolutions.

Declutter and Donate!

Along with exercising and eating healthy, decluttering is one of the most popular goals for the new year. We’re all for decluttered, organized spaces but be aware of what you place in the trash pile. Instead of throwing away old clothing or other items that are no longer in use, do your best to donate. You should also upcycle when you can. Repurpose that old chest of drawers, turn a pair of jeans into a new sun hat, the possibilities are endless!

Rethink Your Products

While you’re on your decluttering journey, take that time to take a close look at your cosmetics and other personal care items. These products can have hidden pollutants like microplastics—

small plastic particles that pollute our lakes and oceans. Research eco-friendly options or make the switch to bars of soap. Palm oil, which can be found in things like body soap, is another red flag ingredient. Palm oil contributes to deforestation, climate change and often human rights violations. Check out this list of palm oil-free, eco-friendly cosmetics brands from Sustainable Jungle.

Make the Switch to Reusables

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, around five trillion single-use plastic bags are used worldwide annually. Unfortunately, it’s also estimated that 90% of single-use plastics are discarded and never recycled. So, if you haven’t already made the switch to reusable shopping bags, 2022 is the time! Plastic bags aren’t the only culprit though. Plastic straws and utensils are also harmful to the environment. Treat yourself to eco-friendly straws and a utensil set and say “no” to plastics in your next carryout order.

Avoid “Energy Vampires”

“Energy vampires” may not be as scary as they sound, but they are still frightening. Energy vampires are electronic devices such as phone chargers and computer printers that pull small amounts of energy when plugged in even if they’re turned off. Studies found that this phantom energy accounts for about 1% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions and up to 10% of a residential home’s total electricity. This year commit to unplugging devices when not in use. And of course, if you haven’t already made the switch to LED bulbs, another energy saver, now is the time!

Commit to Supporting Sustainable Brands and Local Businesses

Whether that’s choosing to eat at farm-to-table restaurants, buying your clothes from a trendy thrift shop or outfitting your home in eco-friendly lighting and décor, supporting eco-conscious companies makes a difference. When you can, you should also do your best to shop local. Shopping local not only supports your community but it also cuts down on shipping materials that are harmful to the environment.

This year commit to resolutions that make a positive impact on your life and future generations’ lives. Even if you only commit to one of the tips above, that’s okay! Small changes have a huge impact over time. Cheers to a sustainable 2022 and beyond!


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