Light Up Your Life: Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Space

March 30, 2023
By: Eangee Home Design

Light is something we can take for granted. We often don’t notice it until it’s gone—like a cloudy night that blocks the stars or that first day when the sun sets at 5:00pm. We may not realize it, but light is a powerful part of our daily lives. This includes the artificial light in our homes.

How you choose to light a space affects the room’s mood and plays a part in how the space is used. Not only are lamps functional pieces, but they bring personal style and color to a room. They can make a statement or add a focal point.

With so many lighting options, where does one begin? Read below for some tips on how to bring the right light to your space.

Tip #1 – Layer Your Lamps

When we talk about lamps, most people think of table lamps, but those are only one part of good lighting.

Ideally, a room should have general, accent and task lighting. General lighting, sometimes called ambient, is the main source of light in a space. It provides an even distribution of light and is essential for functioning in a room. General lighting can come in the form of recessed ceiling lights, a large pendant lamp or something similar.

Next is accent lighting. This highlights a specific subject and is not responsible for lighting the entire room. It could be a wall sconce, a table lamp or a track light.

Finally, there is task lighting. This type of lighting is rarely used by itself, and its main function is to light an area where a task is being performed. Think of vanity lights in the bathroom while applying makeup or a desk lamp.

Choosing different types of lighting, or layering your lamps, ensures the room is bright enough. Still confused? Think of it this way. When entering a room, you turn on the Drum Hanging Pendant for overhead lighting. Then, you switch on the Hourglass Giant Floor Lamp to provide some much-needed light in a darker corner of the room. And finally, flip on Nito Table Lamp allows you to read a book in your favorite accent chair.

Tip #2 – Choose the Correct Height for Table Lamps

Table lamps aren’t the only type of lighting a room needs, but they are still important. Choosing a properly scaled lamp makes the room look more cohesive and can prevent uncomfortable glare in your eyes. As a general rule of thumb, the combined height of both your table and lamp should not exceed 58-64 high. For table lamps by sofas and accent chairs, make sure the bottom of the shade lines up with eye level.

Are you struggling to find the right lamp for a particularly tall table? Or maybe there’s a high shelf that needs to be brightened up? Consider using one of our mini lamps like the Mini Guyabano.

Tip #3 – Mix Up Style and Color of Lamp Bases

When it comes to home décor, being “matchy-matchy” can make a room feel flat. On the other end of the spectrum, using too many different colors and styles can look messy and disorganized. How do you find a balance?

Mix up your lamp bases and pair with matching lamp shades. For the bases, choose different styles and colors that pull from other accents in the room. This will give your space a layered, but cohesive look.

For example, you could use the Gecko Wall Sconce in Multi and the Flowerbud Giant in Multi in one room. The bases are completely different, but the matching shades make for a consistent feel. This particular shade gives you lots of color options to play around with when choosing throw pillows, curtains, etc.

Tip #4 – Don’t Forget About the Bulbs!

When deciding on a bulb, here are some questions to consider—What will the main purpose of the lamp be? What room will the lamp be in? What wattage does the product manufacturer recommend? Choosing the type of bulb may not be as glamorous as picking out a fun lamp base or shade, but it’s a crucial step in creating the room’s ambiance.

Bulbs generally come in three categories–soft white/warm white, bright white/cool white and daylight. If cozy is the vibe you’re going for, choose soft/warm white. This is often recommended for bedrooms and living rooms. Bright/cool white brings a much more energetic feel and is great for kitchens and bathrooms. Daylight, as you may have guessed, imitates the sun’s natural light. It’s wonderful for basements but can also be used in some bathrooms and kitchens.

We recommend using soft/warm white bulbs for all Eangee Home Design lamps, but it’s ultimately up to you! In addition to being fair trade and made of sustainable materials, another perk of Eangee lamps is that we use screw-in bulbs. That means consumers can choose whatever type of light they prefer, and no specialty bulbs are needed. Bulbs can be easily purchased at a big box or local hardware store. Or better yet, bulbs are now available as add-on items when you complete your online Eangee purchase. Add one to your cart and light up your lamp as soon as it arrives! Much like color, we now know that light can determine a space’s atmosphere and have a profound impact on your mood and emotions. Whether you’re looking for a welcoming, homey vibe or an active, vibrant feel, there’s a lamp and a bulb combo out there for you.

Cheers to a lighter and brighter new year!

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